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Military Techniques to Crisis Management

military-style simulation

No matter how well you manage your risks, no organization is completely insulated from moments of crisis. However, from natural disasters to armed conflicts, your organization will be able to ride out the worse of outcomes with proper exposure and training. Equipping managers with sufficient skills in crisis management will greatly improve your chances to survive the situation with minimal adverse impact.

Military Techniques to Crisis Management is a special course that leverage on the military point of view on managing critical situations. It covers a broad scope that will provide your managers with all the essential skills needed in threatening situations. It also comes with a military-style simulation exercises developed based on actual experience of seasoned military commanders.

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  • Clear & structured course plan.
  • Designed by highly-experienced subject matter experts with actual hands-on experience.
  • Military-style simulation exercise mimicking real-life critical situations
  • Highly customizable.

Who is it for?

Business-owners, managers or key personnel responsible for making key decisions during sudden negative events and critical situations.

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